Nicholas, the Neighbor – who wrote ”The Last Letter to Sweden”

By Tord Ericsson

A story about Nicholas Swenson from Skåne, Sweden, and his family, about their life inYngsjö and in North America after the emigration in 1861, There they became Andrew Peterson´s nearest neighbors in Carver County, Minnesota. Andrew Peterson was the settler whose diaries Vilhelm Moberg used as a background of his Emigrant novels.
They met hard work. They had reckoned with that – but not the two wars, the Civil War 1861–1865 and the Indian Uprising in the summer of 1862. Many Scandinavian immigrants served in the Civil War, and one of them was Nicholas´ fifteen year old son Hans. The Indian Uprising, the Dakota War, was fought close to the settlers in Carver County and caused fear, flight and death of many people.
Nicholas Swenson is the principal character in the book, but you will meet many other persons and their lives in the Midwest.

This book continues my previous book Mark, människor och möten (in Swedish) but can be read separately.

Format: 158 x 230 mm. Antal sidor: 98. Bilder: Färg och sv/v.
ISBN 978-91-633-9580-2    
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